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sistema per ristorante consegna a domicilio

The perfect solution to manage home Delivery

Create a delivery menu in few minutes. Add a special section on your website, or invite people to visit the page with whatsapp and the other social media. Our system is optimized to be immediately accessible from any web device, without downloading any application. And this goes for both sides, you and your customers: there are no costs for installation, contracts or constraints whatsoever.


The system guides the user through the purchase with a tailor-made experience. It collects personal data in compliance with privacy regulations and allows you to easily communicate with your customers and coordinate the home delivery. Our advanced features make it easy to pay and tip online with the credit card in total security, so that the delivery is quick and optimize contacts between people.

OctoTable is a professional system to manage orders for home delivery


Register a free account and start the OctoTable setup wizard today.
From the general settings, activate “Delivery” among the options you can select.


You will find that OctoTable is flexible and adapts to your needs. It allows you to create a specific menu for delivery and activate the service only for the shifts you want to provide the service. It helps you to manage many other aspects, such as takeaway, the table reservation list, online orders and payments.
Delivery setup OctoTable
Delivery software for restaurants Octotable

OctoTable is 100% web-based


No apps to download for your customers, nor complicated installation for you.
OctoTable is developed totally on a solid cloud infrastructure, to be universally accessible and easy to use.
People can enter their data, place orders for delivery and pay by credit card with PCI-DSS safety standards, through web pages.
Because of this, OctoTable is easy to integrate to any type of web technology by link. In addition, we provide a quick installation for WordPress with a pre-configured widget to paste and copy on your website. Moreover, if you don’t have a website or you are not happy with what you have, you can create a brand new Octosite in a few minutes. Our website is natively integrated with all OctoTable feature and the website builder can be used with no coding skills.

A smart panel to manage all the orders


OctoTable is a free online software that helps you manage every aspect of your restaurant. A panel designed to communicate with the kitchen lists all the orders, and with a few gestures you can update your customers on the status of each preparation and send pre-set notifications.


Your staff and customers at the tables can add orders to that panel too, with their smartphones. In this way, installing a tablet in the kitchen, you can create an integrated system and fulfill all types of orders: from the tables, for take-away and home deliveries!


Book a Demo call to know all our features and receive free consulting from our expert. We are happy to show you how to best configure the system for your business.
Online software for restaurants OctoTable

Discover the full potential of OctoTable for your Restaurant

More visibility – Attract new customers

Your website is your showcase, take care of every detail and enhance the user experience of your customers.

More Turnover – Increase reservations

Do you want to earn more? Bring more people into your restaurant and increase your turnover.

More positive reviews – Improve customer loyalty

A satisfied customer will always say good things about your restaurant and leave positive reviews.

Less Costs – Save Time

Allow customers to book independently from your website, without having to manage emails and phone calls.

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