Collect payments and reservations online

Concerts and live shows at your place


With OctoTable you can easily manage the organization of an event, every time you want to set a show or a concert at your spot. For example, if you like to organize a concert it is important to collect the adherence and it would be great being able to sell the tickets online. Sharing a special link for reservation on social networks you can promote your event and request payments in a way that is fast and safe.


OctoTable offers innovative solutions to manage all the areas of event organization:


  • booking a table
  • special requests for a reservation
  • like: “please let us find a bottle of champagne on our table, this is a wedding proposal!”
  • request an advance payment for big tables and parties
  • or sell tickets online for your shows and concerts


OctoTable interface is intuitive and allows you to translate your booking system in 6 different languages.

Parties, Live Music, Cabaret… your imagination is the limit!


If your place is a Restaurant, a Bar, a Theatre, a Pub or a Beach Club… whatever the shape of your business may be, OctoTable allows you to make it work to his full potential. Think about all the time people says: “what’s the plan for this weekend?” or “What do we do for New Year’s Eve?”. With OctoTable you can create a booking system for your events in minutes and share it by link with Facebook and Whatsapp.


The system is very flexible and can request a payment for a specific shift in an delimited area of your restaurant, for instance, or for the whole place.


Let’s say your restaurant has a hall and a garden. In the hall you need to organize a tasting night with live music and a fixed-price menu available exclusively to a special group of people. With OctoTable you can manage the booking of this event only for this special area and serve the garden as usual, on a different menu and booking list. Moreover, the system calculate the safety distances between your tables and suggest you the best setting.


In conclusion, with OctoTable you can manage all the complexity of your business from a single panel, ensuring a safe and great experience to your customers.

Food and Wine Tastings


There is a lot more than the ordinary management of bookings and orders for your Restaurant. OctoTable is your ideal partner to boost your business with special events, organizing food and wine tasting in collaboration with your local producers.


Setting an event as a special shift on OctoTable is easy and it requires few clicks.
Generating a dedicated reservation page for your event you will be able to:
  • collect adherence and payments in advance
  • manage suppliers just in time
  • optimize people and resources
  • promote the event on your website and social networks


Sign up is free and with your Login to OctoTable we will send you a link to book a free demo with our trusted advisor. In this way we can guide you through the activation, ensure that your experience is a success and show you the potential of our premium features. 👉  Request a Live Demo
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Discover the full potential of OctoTable EVO

Create a reservation page for every event you organize

With OctoTable’s Premium features you can create unlimited reservation pages for collecting payments online. Doing so you can sell tickets for a concert or a private party. Each event can have his link to share and promote your organization on social networks or on your website. Automatically the system collects the data of your customers, in compliance to GDPR and privacy laws, and it takes any special request your guests may have before they arrive. Book a free demo and ask to our expert advisor how to apply OctoTable to your restaurant


Payments are safe with Paypal

Your booking pages are accessible from every device and optimized for smartphones. Directly from their phones your customers can buy a ticket for your events or reverve a table to your restaurant, in few clicks. They can pay the entrance with OctoTable and with our Premium features you can even receive orders from the tables. An integrated system that will innovate the experience of your customers and will allows you to lead your business to its full potential. Sign up to OctoTable and request a free demo using the link in this page.

More visibility – Attract new customers

Your website is your showcase, take care of every detail and enhance the user experience of your customers.

More Turnover – Increase reservations

Do you want to earn more? Bring more people into your restaurant and increase your turnover.

Less Costs – Save Time

Allow customers to book independently from your website, without having to manage emails and phone calls.

More positive reviews – Improve customer loyalty

A satisfied customer will always say good things about your restaurant and leave positive reviews.

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