OctoTable offers an innovative Cloud solution for bars, restaurants and beach clubs.


OctoTable’s mission is to help restaurants and bars to improve their services: Digital Menu, Online Booking System with no commission fees, Pickup and Delivery System, Online Orders System and Website Builder.


The all-in-one platform is extremely flexible and user-friendly, and it’s suitable for beach clubs and fitness centers as well.


OctoTable is powered by Octorate, the All-in-One platform for Hotels, BnBs and Vacation Rentals.

Booking system
Digital Menu
Map of the rooms and tables
Website Builder
Customers details
Widget compatible with the main CMS
Payments management PCI-DSS (Coming soon)
API ready
Social network integrations
Customizable Front-end

Booking system

The reservation system shows your customers the updated availability of tables, based on the times you have set. You can manage your booking schedule, choosing the shifts and the availabilities you prefer.

Digital menu

Show your Digital Menu online to your guests. Offer an accessible, beautiful, and picture-rich Digital Menu with properly described dishes to get your customers drooling. Accessible from any device

Map of the rooms and tables

From the map you can change the layout of the rooms and the tables, giving your customers the possibility to book the table they prefer and saving time for the dining room staff.

Website Builder

Is your website old-fashioned? You can choose from different templates and build your site in few minutes: modern, responsive and integrated with your booking system.

Customers details

Keep your customers details and plan your marketing activities.

Widget compatible with the main CMS

Create your widget and add it to your website in a few minutes. OctoTable is compatible with the main CMS.

Payments management PCI-DSS
(coming soon)

OctoTable complies with PCI-DSS security standards. Customize your booking system and add features for an advance payment of certain services.

(Coming soon)

View the reservations received and keep track of your restaurant’s statistics. Make better decisions, increase your turnover and the satisfaction of your customers.

Social network integrations

People spend most of their time on Social Networks when they are on the internet. OctoTable is fully integrated with Social Networks and allows you to pull in visitors to your website, turning traffic into reservations.

API ready – Integration with the main softwares for restaurants (Bacco, etc)

OctoTable is integrated with the main restaurant software. The connection via API allows you to use the functions of the reservation system in synergy with the software already used by your restaurant.

Live orders from any device

No matter how much your business grows, you’ll always benefit from taking unlimited orders with zero fees.

Use our restaurant ordering software to drive your online sales.

(Coming soon)

Empower your customers with specific promotional campaigns. Use coupons to attract more customers and offer them a unique and personalized experience.

Receive direct Reservations from Facebook and Google

Manage reservations and orders live from any device

octotable app

Tables Reservations

The free version of OctoTable allows you to book a table with a click, sharing a link or with a QR-code that can be used live with a mobile phone in a few seconds once in front of the table.

Orders from the digital Menù

By activating the Premium version it is possible to receive orders in real time directly from your Digital menu! People use their smartphone without fear of contagion, they stay updated on the status of their orders and they can order more courses during the meal.

Share your digital Menu online

Your Menu accessible from all kind of smartphones

It will be your showcase, your attention to customer safety

Avoid the discomfort of having to open a menu handled by others. Eliminate the paper menu, to offer a safe experience to your customers, saving time and costs and improving your Restaurant reputation

The web platform allows you to upload your menu online in few minutes and update it constantly

Customers will be able to view it on any mobile device and computer: it will be a clean window over your kitchen and a quick way to make your guests choose safely, ordering directly from their personal smartphone  if you enable this function

Loading your menu is simple, updating it will be very fast.

You can add in any language:


  • the name of your dish
  • a descriptions to make it even more attractive
  • ingredients and allergens
  • pictures
  • prices
  • the possibility to save the dish and order it again
Menù Digitale

OctoTable on the Beach

Software Gestionale Spiaggia

Discover OctoBeach,
the booking system from OctoTable
that is perfect for managing your Beach Club.


  • Online booking and payment
  • Organization of umbrellas
  • Digital menu
  • Free website builder
  • Other services


With Octotable you can organize the complexity of your business from a single panel, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for your customers.

More visibility – Attract new customers

Your website is your showcase, take care of every detail and enhance the user experience of your customers.

More Turnover – Increase reservations

Do you want to earn more? Bring more people into your restaurant and increase your turnover.

More positive reviews – Improve customer loyalty

A satisfied customer will always say good things about your restaurant and leave positive reviews.

Less Costs – Save Time

Allow customers to book independently from your website, without having to manage emails and phone calls.

Sign up for free and start using OctoTable