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Why should you choose our QR Code Menu?

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OctoTable digital menu is free, forever. Don’t waste your money on expensive menu boards or single use paper menus. OctoTable is the best solution to show your dishes in the most effective and cheap way.


Avoid crowds and gatherings as much as you can. Put your guests at their ease and let them read your menu on their own smartphone. OctoTable can offer you a safe and modern solution.


Do you run a bar, a restaurant or a wellness center? OctoTable's digital menu is perfect for any kind of service. Create your price list and share it with your guests. OctoTable's digital menu is an easy-to-use interface and suitable for any kind of business.

How to create a QR Code for a Menu thanks to OctoTable

What’s the price

OctoTable Qr Code Menu for Restaurants is free, forever if you want to use the basic functions. If you are looking for something different or a menu more customisable you may consider activating the Menu Premium package!

Digital Menu Free

per moth
  • Create up to 4 categories
  • Create up to a maximum of 20 dishes
  • Enter a description or ingredients
  • Upload a picture for any category/dish
  • Share your menu on your social media
  • Enter allergens
  • Automatic translation
  • Create unlimited category/dish
  • Create unlimited menus (delivery menu, gluten free, kids)
  • Choose the theme for your menu

Premium Digital Menu

per month
  • Create up to 4 categories
  • Create unlimited dishes
  • Enter a description or ingredients
  • Upload a picture for any category/dish
  • Share your menu on your social media
  • Enter allergens
  • Automatic translation
  • Create unlimited category/dish
  • Create unlimited menus (delivery menu, gluten free, kids)
  • Choose the theme for your menu

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Octotable doesn't have just a Qr Code Menu for Restaurant. By signing up for a subscription you can take advantage of numerous services to improve the management of your facility.
Online Payments
Get online payments with OctoTable. No more queues for your guests to pay the bill, they can do it on their smartphone! Connect your Paypal and Stripe account.
Waiting list
Create your virtual waiting list and don’t miss out on any reservations. If you have no more tables available, keep in touch with the customer who made the request. As soon as there will be a free table again, you can either email them or send an sms to confirm the reservation.
Floor Plan
Recreate your space on OctoTable, customize the background and the shape of the tables. Share your digital space on your booking page, and enable customers to reserve the table they prefer.
Octosite (Website Builder)
Don't have a website for your property? Create it with us in just a few clicks. We provide a free customizable domain and several themes and templates to choose from.
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Frequently Asked Questions about the OctoTable Digital Qr Code Menu

With OctoTable you can create a digital menu in a very easy way. Customers will be able to read your menu by scanning the Qr code, or by clicking on the link associated with your menu.
You can use the free digital menu without spending money on printing disposable paper menus and you can share your cuisine with your customers with an effective and up-to-date tool.

Creating your online digital menu is very simple. First you have to sign up on our website for free. Then you need to enter categories ( for example starters, main courses and side dishes) and the dishes. For each dish you can indicate the price, upload a photo, enter the ingredients or a description.

No, there is no need. OctoTable is a WebApp, so you only need an internet connection to access your account and to create your digital menu. To see the menu you’ll only need to scan the QR code without installing any application.

Of course, in the section Categories you can click on Export and you will get a file that you can edit. Enter all the dishes and categories respecting the column of the format and then click on Import. In a few clicks you will be able to convert your menu into a QR code.

No, you can make all the changes you want and the QR code will always remain the same. If the menu changes every day, you can log into your account and make your changes without any problems. So even if you print out the QR code, don’t worry!

Of course, OctoTable is a simple and intuitive system. All you have to do is enter your categories and dishes. We take care of all the rest! We generate the link and the QR code for your menu. And if you need it, you have the possibility to make an appointment with us and we explain how to do it step by step.